Mazel tov on your awesome milestone!
We’re all for epic parties. But once the horah music has faded, the checks are cashed, and Bubbie’s lipstick is finally off your cheek, one thing will remain forever: the impact you’ve made on another kid’s life.

Team up with Lev LaLev for a meaningful bar/bat mitzvah project to help a disadvantaged Israeli boy or girl the same age as you.

‘Cause what better way to make sure your celebration lives on than with an act of goodness + kindness?

Who we


Lev LaLev support kids across Israel whose parents have passed away or can’t take care of them properly. From housing to clothing to education to therapy and more, we help them from the moment they seek our help until they build families of our own.

Sounds like a different world?

Actually, these kids are a lot like you. They have homework and friends and worries and dreams. And just like you, some of them are getting ready for their bar or bat mitzvahs!

Why should I do my



project with
Lev LaLev?

Great question! Here are a few reasons:

You’ll make a genuine difference in the lives of kids your age, putting a smile on their faces and giving them the critical support they need to thrive.

 You’ll learn valuable life skills, such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and empathy (and that’s just the beginning!).

You’ll deepen your connection to your Jewish roots and values, starting your journey into Jewish adulthood on a truly meaningful note.

Ready to make a


Here’s how it works

Pick a project that lights you up

Need inspo? Explore some fun project ideas below. Choose one that matches your hobbies and interests, or call us and we'll one just for you!

Create your fundraising page

Create your own beautifully customized fundraising page that tells everyone about you, your fundraising goals, and the kids you're helping.

Raise $ and spread the word

Share your page link with friends, family, and anyone else you can think of, asking them to get involved and help you reach your fundraising goal.

Become a life-changer

To say thank you, we'll send you a special plaque to recognize your amazing bar/bat mitzvah project and all your hard work!

Come to Israel for a visit!

Last but not least, we invite you to visit Israel and meet some of the awesome kids you've been helping to seeing the amazing impact you've had

Put the





Meet some kids just like you in the Lev Lalev


“By donating money to Lev LaLev, I felt like I was completing the biggest mitzvah in the world. I never in my life thought that having my bat mitzvah would bring out this much joy because I got to make these special girls in Israel smile.”

—Bella Silberstein, CA

“Whatever I did for these kids makes me so happy. But I feel as though they did way more for me. I know how blessed I am and I am thankful I could make such a difference in their lives. We may be six thousand miles away but we really all are family.”

—Margo Weinberger, NY

“We had our bat mitzvah party with girls from an orphanage. From decorating to dancing to music to catering, it was so memorable. My favorite part of the whole experience was getting to know the girls at the home. We had a great time!”

—Pasternak Twins, NY

Your bar/bat mitzvah
project calls for



Let’s make your bar/bat mitzvah even more meaningful and fun!
As they say, teamwork makes the dream work—and the world a better place.